“Three Word Question”

I was sitting in my usual post-dinner spot on the couch last night, my belly more full than it needed to be (not complaining for having a delicious meal, but for my weakness of appetite  control). With nothing particularly exciting…

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“Against All Things Ending”

It was sometime later on Friday evening when I saw the shocking news; Chadwick Boseman, dead at age 43, after a four year long battle with colon cancer. At first I couldn’t believe it, and quickly began checking other sources…

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Mid morning Sunday. I’ve started my second cup of Earl Grey (steeped for precisely 3 minutes, with 3 teaspoons of sugar). The house is still quiet save the low rumble of the AC, and the not so low rumblings from…

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"My Favorite Amp"

I am a musician; specifically a guitarist/bassist. 

Yes, I’m both. Just because you play guitar doesn’t automatically make you a bass player. Sorry...that could be another post altogether. 

I started learning to play guitar at age 13. It was a…

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“Waiting On The World To Change”

I try to stay current with popular culture (film/tv, music, books, etc), but invariably I miss some great works.  

If you haven’t watched “BlackkKlansman” a 2018 Spike Lee “joint” (based on the true story of a Black undercover officer who…

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"Vox Humana (A Post in Progress)"

"Vox Humana"

  • “Vox Humana” is Latin for “human voice” 
  • Also a reed stop on a pipe organ, designed to emulate a human voice. The vowel sound most used is an open “O” 
  • The universal blood type is commonly agreed to
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The 'Peace' Wall

We had just finished our morning concert at a Catholic school in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

Our hour-long presentation was a powerful combination of music paired with video imagery that told the story of division and reunion, and redemption after the…

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“Remembering Kevin”

I’ve been thinking about this post for a while now. I’ve actually started writing it more than a few times, but nothing feels right. Maybe i just need to lean into the uncertainty and let the words flow.  

A year…

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"I Believe" The story of the song

It was a season of compromise; of conforming to group-think as way of acceptance. 

In those days of travel and survival, you took what opportunities that presented, and without thinking. The needs of the many (my family) outweighed the need…

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The memes and quotes on social media today of Dr. Martin Luther King have been both numerous and inspirational. I will never be able to know how special this day is for all those who have experienced the pain and…Read more

“The Paradox”

Balanced on the edge Of a whirlwind existence You can take the pressure But can you go the distance? These were the first lyrics I ever wrote that I thought were worth a damn (certainly open for debate). They ended…Read more