“Waiting On The World To Change”

I try to stay current with popular culture (film/tv, music, books, etc), but invariably I miss some great works.  

If you haven’t watched “BlackkKlansman” a 2018 Spike Lee “joint” (based on the true story of a Black undercover officer who infiltrated the KKK), then you should. It’s a great story, wildly entertaining, and has incredible performances from John David Washington and Adam Driver.  

Most importantly, it’s both moving and uncomfortable. Having grown up in the 60s and 70s, it’s a troubling history from which we’ve yet to learn. 

I was crying at the last frames; not from the joy of a happy ending, but from the stark reminder of the ignorance and hate of racism, even today.  

Great art demands a response, and this film is no exception.  

Yeah...it’d be easy enough to try and dodge all this stuff and just...escape. But the world is changing...no more waiting. 

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