"Vox Humana (A Post in Progress)"

"Vox Humana"

  • “Vox Humana” is Latin for “human voice” 
  • Also a reed stop on a pipe organ, designed to emulate a human voice. The vowel sound most used is an open “O” 
  • The universal blood type is commonly agreed to be “O” 
  • Air or breath gives the pipe it’s voice 
  • All creators (writers, poets, painters, singers, etc.) seek to find their unique creative voice 
  • Without a vision and a voice to express it, the spirit withers and darkens 
  • Without breath, we die... 

We live in a time of great division. And conversely it is that rare moment when we are in global unity. Sadly, it is the unity of ubiquitous upheaval we face, typically reserved only for world wars. 

Our country seems to be the flashpoint in this battle. Some may rail against such an assertion, proclaiming America as the last hope for freedom, the Great Experiment of Liberty and self-governance, mandated by heaven to lead. 

Yet we fail to account for the corrupting elements that tainted our experiment. The subjugation and slaughter of indigenous peoples, the theft of land, the rape of once-bounteous resources, and perhaps our greatest sin; proclaiming “all men to be created equal” and then failing to fully embrace those visionary words. 

“Karma is a...” Well, you know the saying. 

“Karma” is the dog we’ve abused for years, yet still wags its tail when we call. Until the day, seemingly without warning, that same dog rips into our hand. We don’t recall it’s our same bleeding hand that struck countless, needless blows. We are stunned by the revolt, angry that we could face reprisal for actions (if we even recall them) we then justify with empty excuses and deflecting argument. 

Humans are not dogs to be beaten.

No one deserves violence and hatred for simply having a skin color different than mine, who may have a different culture or religion. No one should live in fear...for any reason. 

We all want to be seen. 

We all want love and respect. 

Each of us has a vision and a unique voice. When that voice is silenced, the glory of the world becomes dimmed, the light of truth and grace, diminished. 

We all want to live. To add our voice to the song. To breathe...

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